Email Widget

In this section, we’ll describe how to create an email widget and how to install it on useful tools like Gmail or MailChimp.

How do you add the Email Widget to MailChimp?

The first step to add the email widget to Mailchimp is to access the Email embedding section of your Emojics widget and then click on the “Copy HTML” button 👇 Then, go to your MailChimp account, head to the template editing section and add a “Code” element to your template 👇 Delete the line of codeplaced as an example  👇 Paste here the HTML […]

How do you create Email Campaigns?

After creating your widget, you can proceed with the creation of the campaigns. What are the campaigns? When your users click on a reaction from the Emojics widget in your email, they will be redirected to a landing page where you can further interact with them. For example, you could ask them to provide a written comment, […]

How do you add an email widget to Gmail?

To add the email widget to Gmail, go in the Email embedding section 👇 Click on the “Open HTML” button👇 A landing page will then open and show your widget 👇 Select and copy the entire widget section 👇 Then go to your Gmail account and click on Settings 👇 Go to the “Signature” area 👇 Paste the widget you just copied into the […]

How do I add the Emojics Widget to an Email?

Once the process of creating the email widget and the respective campaigns is finished, a screen which will allow you to embed your widget to your emails will appear. You can access the embedding section of each widget created at any time by using the dedicated icon 👇 As shown in the images below, the embed icon can be […]