Monitoring Data

This section describes all the data present in your personal Emojics area (dashboard, users, pages, current campaigns)


Within the Users section you will find all the information on the users who have visited your website. In particular: Name: The name of the user if s/he entered it in a Lead Email campaign Country: the country of origin of the event (for example: if the user is Italian but at the time of the […]


In this section, you can view all the metrics related to your pages. Total Reactions: the total number of reactions received from users Total Interactions: the total number of interactions that users have performed (lead email, comment, message) Total Pageview: the total number of pages viewed by your users Success Rate: the percentage ratio between […]


Within the dashboard, you will find all the metrics and insights needed to monitor your users. Total Sessions: the total number of user sessions in the selected time interval. Therefore, if a user visits the website 5 times and another 4 times, the total number of sessions will be 9. Total visitors: the total number of […]

Current Campaigns

In the ongoing campaigns section are shown: the number of interactions that your users have made with each reaction, in the selected time interval. the name of the campaign for each reaction (if activated). the symbol of the type of campaign set (Lead email, comment, message) By clicking on one of the reactions you can access the details of the interactions received […]