Set up Widget

If you want to customize your widget here you can find all informations. In fact this section helps you to set up every aspects of your widget.

How can I create a new Campaign?

In Set Campaigns section you can manage your campaigns. For each reaction, is shown the campaign name, the current emoji set in the widget and the type of interaction that is set for that campaign. Furthermore, it is possible to: Deactivate the campaign by using the Pause button and reactivate it using the Play button. Modify the existing […]

How to install the floating widgets on a website

To allow widgets to be published on your website you need to add a small piece of code (script) into the code of the page. This will allow you to create and edit widgets in the dashboard with the results being applied in real time. The code needs to be added only once. Here are […]

How to install the inline widgets on a website

An inline widget integration allows you to place the widget in a specific position of your website’s page. Usually placed below the main content of the page. Follow the steps below to install the widget in a inline position on your website. Here are the steps to add the script to a website: Step 1 […]

How can I change the emojis?

To change the emojis of your widget, simply go to: SETTING –> SET WIDGET In the Reaction Set section, some already prepared emoji sets will be shown or you can customize them as you wish by clicking on CUSTOMIZE YOUR REACTION SET. By clicking on CUSTOMIZE YOUR REACTION SET, you will access the following session where you have […]

How to customize the emojis?

If you wish to have more personalized emojis than what is suggested by the tool, contact Emojics at the following address [email protected] We will be happy to help you customize your emoji with an express service.

How can I hide the percentages on the widget?

The percentages below the widget show your users the percentages of clicks received for each individual emoji on the page in question. To show/hide from your users the percentages of emojis clicks on your widget, you can go to SETTING –> SET WIDGET and click on SHOW PERCENTAGES.

How can I customize and set the Call to Action?

To configure the call to action, go to SETTING –>SET WIDGET. The call to action is the message that appears to the user as soon as he lands on the page where the widget is present. The message should be configured to entice the user to leave a feedback. It is composed of two components, as […]

How can I customize the Call to Action based on the URL?

It will be possible to customize the call to action message on specific URLs. By clicking on Settings –> Set widget –>  CUSTOM URL OPTIONS, the following page will be shown: To customize the message you will need to fill in the following fields: Name of the rule you want to set (eg; Rule n1) Decide if the rule will be […]

Set up the behavior of the Call to Action

To configure the behavior of the call to action you have to go to SETTING –> SET WIDGET –> BEHAVIOR At this point, it is possible to decide whether you want to make the call to action message appear always or only once per session. For example, if you set the behavior to SHOW ALWAYS once the […]